Thanks guys--passing by reference solved my problem. I was not aware
that the foreach statement works on a copy.  This was explained in the
online documentation.   Duh!!

Thanks again,


Ashley Sheridan wrote:
On Tue, 2009-06-23 at 12:56 -0600, wrote:
Andres Gonzalez <> wrote on 06/23/2009 12:26:38 PM:

I want to modify $results within the foreach. In other words,
during a given pass of this iteration, I want to delete some
of the items based on particular conditions. Then on the next
pass thru the foreach, I want $results to be the newer, modified

This does not seem to work. It appears that the foreach statement
is implemented such that $results is read into memory at the start
so that any modifications I make to it during a given pass, are ignored
on the next pass. Is this true?
foreach works on a copy of an array, so the behavior you saw is expected. See the online manual.

You could use a while loop, or, instead of unset-ing elements of $results, store the elements you want to keep into a new array.


What about passing it by reference?

foreach($results as &$key => &$item)
    // modify items here


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