Michael A. Peters wrote:
Morris wrote:
Assumed you are using form uploading, could redirect to the page itself and play a Flash while uploading.
I think this is the simplest way other than putting in mass codes

I open up a small window via javascript that then uses javascript and css to make a progress bar.

I'll share the code if anyone wants it, though it probably needs some tweaking as I don't think it validates. It works though.




in the form, BEFORE the file inputs, a hidden input -

$upid = md5(microtime() . rand());

<input type="hidden" id="UPLOAD_IDENTIFIER" name="UPLOAD_IDENTIFIER" value="<?php echo($upid);?>" />

Then when submit is clicked, it open a new window with the src

uploadprogress.php?ID=<?php echo($upid);?>

for rpm linux users, a src.rpm for uploadprogress is here:


1.0.1 is now out, but I haven't updated to it yet.

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