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> > I prefer "proceed with caution" :)
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Nice one. :o) 
Now, for my two centavos:

I think anyone needs to base any decision regarding security measures within
the context of the current project and what it is you are trying to protect.
It seems to go without saying that you should also be aware of your host
environment and any limitations, etc that may arise. Fort Knox has the
security that it does because of what it is contracted to protect while the
banks have their own pared down version of security based on what they are

As far as which version of PHP to include in your curriculum, I suggest
staying with 5.2 for now and add in information about 5.3 and the changes we
expect to see and what they mean to all concerned.

As I once saw in someone elses sig line
"Invoice for $0.02 will be sent post-haste."

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