On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 10:00 AM, Bob McConnell<r...@cbord.com> wrote:
> I need some guidance. I have looked over the PHP site and don't see any
> hints about using PHP interpreters for unit testing. I would like to
> know if this idea has any chance of working.
> I want to set up the development and build machines with PHP
> interpreters to do automated unit tests. Because we use PostgreSQL, I
> want to set up those boxes without any Postgres libraries and substitute
> FIT test stubs in their place.
> 1. I have to use MS-Windows as my development platform. Currently I have
> XP-Pro with NetBeans 6.5.1. I have played with Eclipse and Komodo
> Editor, which remain as possible options. I need a PHP interpreter that
> will allow me to write and debug FIT tests for functions already in use,
> as well as new code that I write or modify.
> 2. The production server is RHEL ES 5 with Apache 2 and PostgreSQL. I
> cannot make any changes to this platform.
> 3. The build machine is running Fedora Core (version unknown), also with
> Apache and PostgreSQL installed as it is also used for integration
> testing. I want to change this to remove the Postgres libraries so they
> can be replaced with the FIT back end. Integration testing would require
> a separate server which would also solve some other QA issues we have.
> We currently do both development and QA testing on this box, releasing a
> set of RPM files to production once they have been run through the
> wringer.
> Is this a reasonable plan?
> Where can I find PHP interpreters for MS-Windows and FC that will
> support this?
> Thank you,
> Bob McConnell
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