Me too. I always put 'check for new versions' or 'don´t cache' or similar.
While I am aware that cached pages doesn't perform well with dinamic pages,
the browser developers are also aware that what the user want is to see the

  If you ask any average user what is his preference 'Load faster or don't
cache?'... he will probaly answer 'load faster', IF he knows what the hell a
cached page is...


  Julio Nobrega.

A hora está chegando:

"scott [gts]" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> maybe it's just me, but caches drive me nuts...
> i know... but IMO, i'll take a slight performance
> hit any day to make sure i get the most recent page...
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> > From: Inércia Sensorial [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> > Subject: Re: [PHP] Something weird
> >
> > > for some bizarre reason, almost every browser i've seen
> > > has the default option set to "cache everything and never
> > > look for updates"
> >
> >    Connection speed. Cached pages load faster....

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