this code:


        $testOutput = shell_exec("ls");

        $firstCMD="cd $where2cd2";
         $firstOutput = shell_exec("$firstCMD");
        // $firstOutput = shell_exec('cd testDir/');
        $testOutput2 = shell_exec("ls");

        $secondCMD='ln -s amex_cid.gif myccGOV.gif';
        $secondOutput = shell_exec("$secondCMD");
        echo "testOutput:<br><pre>$testOutput</pre>";
echo "testOutput2:<br><pre>$testOutput2</pre><br>firstCMD= $firstCMD<hr>"; echo "firstOutput:<br><pre>$firstOutput</pre><br>secondCMD= $secondCMD<hr>"; echo "secondOutput:<br><pre>$secondOutput</pre><br>thirdCMD= $thirdCMD<hr>";

is not producing the symlink that I think it should. (?!?) (neither in the dir/ where this script lives, nor in the testDir/ where I am actually trying to create it, on the fly.
Server is not in safe mode.


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