Mikey Knutson wrote:
> Is this even possible?  I'm building a string, properly formatted, to create 
> a named pair or associative array.   The string is fine, and when I use it 
> directly to create the array, all is well.  When I try to use the var to 
> create the array, I get an empty array (I think).  Huh?
> Here is what I have:
> $myString = "'username' => 'password' , 'mickey' => 'mouse' , 'donald' => 
> 'duck'";
> $myArray = array($myString);
> print ("array val: $myArray[username]");   // get an empty string here

AFAIK you can't do what you're showing.  This will work, but is not advised:

    eval('$myArray = array(' . $myString . ');');
    print ("array val: $myArray[username]");   // array val: password

Why are you needing to store the array indexes and values in a string
like this?  Maybe we can give you an alternative approach.


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