Rob Gould wrote:
I have a webpage which allows people to log in and make selections with radio buttons and hit SUBMIT and saves the data from those radio buttons to a mySQL database.

However, I'm finding that I also need the ability to allow a user to log back in at a later date (or even on a different computer), and pull up that survey again, with each of the 50-something radio-buttons back in the positions in which they were last saved.

Surely there's a best-case-method for doing this type of thing (saving large numbers of radio-button-group settings to mySQL and pulling them back again later). Any advice is greatly appreciated. Perhaps there's a jQuery-way to retrieve all the radio-button group settings as an array and save it and pull it back again?
Or perhaps a PHP-specific method - - - I'm fine with either.

Generate your radio list via php.
When the value grabbed from database matches the button value, add a selected="selected" to the radio input.

Works for me.

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