2009/6/30 Suresh Gupta VG <sures...@zensar.com>:
> Hi List,
> Please find the error message below when I logged into managed jobs. Please 
> advice me to get rid of this.
>         The PHP-Extension domxml is needed to display job scheduler 
> informations
> Please adjust the setting in the coniguration file php.ini
> repeat status check 
> <>

I'm assuming you're talking about the job scheduler in Zend Platform.
This is not the place to get support for that. Log in to the Zend
website and raise a support ticket.

However, this particular error message is pretty self-explanatory -
your PHP installation does not have the domxml extension installed, so
you need to install it. How to do that depends greatly on how your
server is set up, but the manual would be a good place to start.



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