Hi List,
This is the first job chain I am creating using manages job chains. I am trying 
to create 2 order jobs, 1 order and one jobchain. First I created an orderjob 
and named it and tried to edit it. A new window displayed with the properties 
of that order job. I choose "executable file" from job type and saved the job. 
Then I clicked on param1 and wrote the code  sh -c "echo hello world" and 
clicked on "store" button. The job summary explorer came. The jobs saved are in 
RED color and "X" mark is indicating. I thought that this is throwing an error 
and checked the log files. I couldn't see any error in the logs. I am following 
the "OSJS Sample - Job Chain Setup in Job Scheduler.mht" file. I observed some 
differences in the screen shots of this demo file and my current view.

        Why it is showing the red color after submit of the order jobs, job 
chain and order too.
        In the Orderjob edit window, I couldn't see the "Active YES/NO" radio 
buttons", "Scheduler ID" box and at the end of the page there are only 2 
buttons "Store" and "Cancel", but I couldn't see the "store and submit" button.
        After creating the order job then we need to choose the job scheduler 
from the list where we need to submit the job order. How to get this small 
window with schedulers list.
        When I edit the job chain there are only 2 buttons not 4. Missing 
buttons are "store and submit" and "store and remove orders". Please advice.
        Here also I found that the job chain and order are in red color with 
"x" mark on it.

Please advice me to get rid of all these errors and get success in executing 
this sample program.


With thanks and Regards, 


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