Nick Cooper wrote:
Does anyone have any further information on the PECL Binaries for 5.3, will
they be released?

I don't, but I suspect it is just a matter of compile + test.

On Linux (CentOS) I've only done testing with i386 but none of the pecl modules I personally am using w/ 5.2.9 failed to build (for i386 or x86_64) and they all seem to work as expected (i386). So I expect for most of them, the distributed binaries will appear once they have had a little testing.

The problems I personally have run into:

eAccelerator (stable) fails to build.
Devel version does (at least according to their bug system) but does not work properly.

suhosin module builds and works but kills the ability of pear to properly work (pear packages work fine, it's the package management that suhosin kills - can't even list channels w/o segfault)

Many of the pear packages throw deprecation errors to screen if you have display_errors enabled. They seem to work, and it seems that these are errors that were thrown before as well but only under strict reporting. My guess is they are being brought to the forefront so the code can be fixed before php 6. Not a biggie if error reporting disabled, but a PITA on a development machine where you are trying to see errors thrown in *your* code.

Maybe it's time for the community to go through pear, fix the errors, and submit patches to the maintainers that take care of the deprecated usage.

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