Hey all,

I am working with generating PDF using Dom PDF.

My problem is when I generate a single PDF , Its working fine.

But when I code it in a loop for generating more than one PDF it gives some



   $DomObj = new DOMPDF();



$pdf = $DomObj->output(); 

slip.pdf", $pdf);


the above code is in a loop


I come to know that ,there is problem with memory leak.

Also I thought that it was because I had not destroy the previously created

So I also tried destroying it using unset.. I don't know whether its
destroying or not.



Error is something like 

"Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'DOMPDF_Exception' with message 'No
block-level parent found. Not good.' in
Stack trace: #0 D:\foldername\ project
Inline_Positioner->position() #1 D:\foldername\ project



Can anyone please give me some way to solve this.

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