Govinda wrote:
Dear list-members

I am using what I assume is a pretty standard cPanel setup (?)

I would like to be able change the mime types/extension so that ".html" gets sent through the PHP interpreter, but I see the cPanel docs say "...(note that you can not alter the system defined mime type values)..".

So as a workaround, I need to *at least* be able to change the default file to return to the browser when someone hits my domain (or a subdirectory) without specifying the page in that dir/ to load. I cannot find where in cPanel to set that. The default now is the standard "index.html". I want to change it to "index.php".
I realize this is really basic stuff, but I can't find it in my cPanel.

Can someone point me to this?


If you have mod_rewrite installed - put the following in your .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule ^index\.html$ index.php [L]

That will cause index.php to be called when index.html is requested.
If you want it to forward to index.php then use [R] instead of [L]

If you want all .html to be sent to php equivalents -

RewriteRule (^.*)\.html$ $1.php [L]

should do the trick.

btw - with those rules, the .html files do not need to exist. If/when they are requested, whether they exist or not, the link or redirect is made.

mod_rewrite rocks

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