Govinda wrote:
> I am confusing myself reading the docs just now.
> i.e.:
> include_path
> basename()
> and dirname()
>  I had thought from many months ago that
> <?php include '/somedir/somefile.php'; ?>
> would include
> somefile.php
> living in
> somedir
> regardless from where in the site structure I am calling it.
> Now it does not seem to be doing that.
> What is the safest (portable) way to properly build an include path
> *regardless* from where in my site I am calling the include?
> If I understand right I can put includes in a dir/ specified by the
> include_path setting, but I also want to know how to do this from just
> within the root of my virtual server.
> -Govinda

AFAIK, include '/somedir/somefile.php'; looks for that specific file in
that specific path because you gave an absolute path.

If you do include 'somedir/somefile.php'; then it looks in all paths in
the include path and appends somedir/somefile.php.  So if your include
path contained /usr/share/php/PEAR for example and somefile.php was at
/usr/share/php/PEAR/somedir/ then it would find it.


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