"Arash Dejkam" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I've created a site where users can upload photos and specify which other
> users are allowed to view them using PHP session management. now I have
> alittle problem in the post-upload page, script creates a temporary copy
> the uploaded image with a name the same as user's session ID, and puts a
> <img src="temp file..."> in the page for the user to view the uploaded
> and confirm it. now I don't know when to delete that temporary file !
> because I don't know how long does the user's browser take to download the
> image. currently I delete it in the script coming up just after user
> the confirm button, but what if the user close his/her browser before
> clicking the confirm button ? the file remains there for ever !!
> what's your suggestion ?

Depending on the sizes of the files, number of users, etc...

Do as you do now, and then do a scan of the temp files in one of your
scripts and delete any older than a reasonable amount of time... 24 hours
for example....

Don't your sessions time out BTW? That should make it possible to check for
any temp files whose session isn't alive anymore and delete them. Since the
corresponding session is dead anyway the image can be safely deleted...

 Or am I missing something?


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