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John Allsopp wrote:


At the top of a webpage I have:

$myFurniture = new furniture();
echo $myFurniture->getTop("my company title");

to deliver the first lines of HTML, everything in HEAD and the first
bits of page furniture (menu, etc).

In the furniture object in getTop(), I want to return a string that
includes the CSS file that I call with an include_once. But the
include_once isn't interpreted by PHP, it's just outputted. So from:

        $toReturn = "<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC '-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0
Transitional//EN' ........

        return $toReturn;

I get


in my code.

Do I really have to break up my echo $myFurniture->getTop("my company
title"); call to getTopTop, then include my CSS, then call getTopBottom,
or can I get PHP to interpret that text that came back?

PS. I may be stupid, this may be obvious .. I don't program PHP every day

Thanks in advance for your help :-)


First guess is that your page doing the including doesn't have a filename
with a .php extension, and your server is set to only parse php in files
with a .php extension.

Ah, thanks. It's a PHP object returning a string, I guess the PHP interpreter won't see that.

So, maybe my object has to write a file that my calling file then includes after the object function call. Doesn't sound too elegant, but is that how it's gotta be?


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