On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 08:15, Matthew Croud<m...@obviousdigital.com> wrote:
> Is there a way to create the site *without* having each product have a
> physical separate page ?
> Is there a method of web design which makes creating new pages simple if
> they all follow the same pattern. i.e thumbnail, description etc.

    Sure, just check Google and look into doing includes, templating,
and using .htaccess with mod_rewrite - an Apache feature and module,
respectively, thus beyond the scope of PHP - to rewrite the URL's.
What this will do, essentially, is create a "prettier" URL, so
something like:


    .... could become:


    .... or really anything else that you'd like, depending on how you
write your scripts.  Again, though, the full creation of those is
really outside the scope of this list as well, but there are plenty of
open source scripts out there from which you can learn, modify, and
reuse free-of-charge for a commercial webstore.

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