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> Dan I love to see smart hacks in action!  ..and I believe I get what
> you are doing.
> I am just amazed that there is not a SIMPLE (one-liner) reliable way
> of just saying "document root" without a complex function like that.
> I mean what we need here is a global include path for the shared-
> hosted user ..  an include_path that can be set for the virtual server
> user and it 'sticks' (does not have to be set on every page load).
>  I think I'll let this all go for now...  I have a lot of basics to
> cover before I trip out too much in any one area.  I'm going to need
> the time and brain juice for some 'real' issues later  ;-)

I'm not sure how this could be made simpler.

$site_root = realpath(dirname(__FILE__)) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR;

Call that in any file in the root of *your* web directories, and you
have what is essentially the "document root" for *your* site.
Presumably, you know the *relative* directories of all your files.
Simply append those relative directories + filenames to the $site_root
variable, and you're done.


Paul M. Foster

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