2009/7/7 Angus Mann <angusm...@pobox.com>:
> Hi all. I realize this question has been asked before and I've found 
> responses in the archive, but none of the links work now, or the files they 
> point to are old or unsuitable.
> I'd like to print the most recent PHP manual to paper, so I need it in a 
> format that's suitable. I've downloaded it from php.net in chm and HTML 
> format but neither of them can easily be printed with proper attention to 
> page numbering and order.
> Any idea where to find a PDF or similar version of the manual?
> Thanks,
> Angus

$ pecl install haru
$ pear channel-discover doc.php.net
$ pear install doc.php.net/phd-beta
$ cvs -d:pserver:cvsr...@cvs.php.net/repository login
(the password is "phpfi")
$ cvs -d:pserver:cvsr...@cvs.php.net/repository co phpdoc
$ cd phpdoc
$ php configure.php
$ phd -f pdf -t phppdf -d .manual.xml

Now open the newly created "pdf" folder :)

If you'd like a big fat one PDF file then use "phpbigpdf" rather then "phppdf"

The PDF version will be available soon. Ish. Maybe. Hopefully.

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