PJ wrote:
> Jason Carson wrote:
>>> On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 02:19, Jason Carson<ja...@jasoncarson.ca> wrote:
>>>> ok, I have two sets of scripts here. One uses setcookie() for logging
>>>> into
>>>> the admin panel and the other uses session_start(). Both are working
>>>> fine,
>>>> is one more secure than the other?
>>>     $_COOKIE data is written to a file that is readable/writeable and
>>> stored on the user's side of things.  $_SESSION data is written to the
>>> server, with a cookie stored on the user's side containing just the
>>> PHPSESSID (session ID) string to identify the session file on the
>>> server.
>>>     So determining which is better and/or more secure is really a
>>> matter of the data held there and how it's handled.  If storing things
>>> like usernames or you absolutely want to store personal data in an
>>> active session, do so in $_SESSION.  If you're storing a password or
>>> credit card number in the active session, you may as well do it in
>>> $_COOKIE, because you're already using an insecure model.  ;-P
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>> Well I'm a newbie when it comes to PHP and programming. I guess I need to
>> read up on login security. Do you know of, or recommend, any websites that
>> will show me how to secure my login model (Using cookies or sessions).
> Hi Jason,
> I'm probably not any wiser than you, but I have just (today) discovered
> an interesting site that seems to have some really clear explanations
> and tutorials re php, MySsql et al.
> It's worth looking at (I'm trying to implement something like what you
> are, as well):
> http://www.brainbell.com/tutors/php/php_mysql/Authorizing_User_Access.html
> HTH,
> PJ
I just found another site which is easier to deal with (chapter
references) and seems to be the original source of the brainbell site:

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