i've got an issue where i'm trying to incorporate sqlite3 into my php.

i'm running fedora 9, php5.2.9.

the php app was  installed using the tun install process...

i know the docs say that php5+ is supposed to have sqlite incorporate

however, on this box, it doesn't! when i do a phpinfo(), i get the pdo
stuff, but not the sqlite.

i went ahead and followed a thread on the php.net that walked through adding
sqlite3, using the phpize, and managed to create the sqlite3.so...

the phpinfo now has a sqlite section, with a sqlite3.extension_dir that
points to the dir that contains the sqlite3.so..

however, when i run a test app using "sqlite_open", i'm getting an error
saying that the "sqlite_open" is undefined...

so... my question..

how the heck can i resolve this issue!



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