on 7/7/01 2:43 AM, Joe  Smith at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> If you'd rather I bore everyone with the details, let me know and I'll post
> my questions to this thread for all to see and chime in on.

If your questions are clear, and if you don't post too much code people here
seem to be very nice. It helps if the question is general enough that other
people can use the answer too.

I'm new at all this too when I get stuck, I try google or one of these sites
for help before posting ...

tells how to use most functions

Great tutorials, but only for easy stuff

a bit confusing, but in theory all the functions are here...

lots of posts, often I find that someone else has had the same question as
me, also some great tutorials.

lots of great scripts to steal

Good Books:

O'Riley PHP pocket reference
MySQL by Paul DuBois and Michael Widenius
O'Riley MySQL and mSQL

Hope that helps!

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