Eddie Drapkin wrote:

> HTTP headers are sent and finalized after the first bit of output.   I
> had the same problem before and it turned out to be because I had a
> close tag "?>" at the end of a file followed by some whitespace.  The
> solution was to remove the ?> from the end of all the files and I
> haven't closed an entire file since.  Perhaps that might be it?

Hmm...  In fact, I did close all my include files with the ?> tag, and
per Michael's observation in another response, there is a line of
whitespace after the closing tag in my include files.

I tried getting rid of the trailing whitespace, and removed the closing
tags.  Unfortunately, even after that, when I place my include files
before session_start, I get the same problem.  There's no leading
whitespace before the starting <?php tag, so I'm still a little at a loss.

It's not too big of a deal though; I simply placed my include files
after the call to session_start().  That seems to solve the problem.


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