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"..s.c.o.t.t.." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > I'm trying to send PHP errors into a separate log file.  I have the
> > following in php.ini:
> > 
> >   log_errors = On
> >   error_log = /var/www/logs/php-errors.log
> > 
> > After apache restarted the errors are now being sent to apache's error
> > log, but not the one I specified.  Any ideas?
> does the directory exist?

This is the same directory where Apache writes its own logs.  It' only
writeable to root, but I thought that the controlling apache process
would be responsible for creating the file (controlling apache runs as

> does php or apache have the right to create new files
> in /var/www/logs/? 
> if the file exists, are the permissions set correctly on it?
> keep in mind that the user that owns apache usually
> has very limited powers

Well, see above.  If Apache can write its own logs there, it should be
able to write PHP's logs there too, right?

What worries me is that the logs are directed into apache's error
logs.  This makes me think that the problem is not with permissions...

Any further ideas, anyone?
Arcady Genkin
i=1; while 1, hilb(i); i=i+1; end

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