Howdy Daniel and Group,

        I'm new here, in fact, my first post was just a few days ago.  I'm a 
computer hobbiest hoping to transition myself into the IT world at some 
point in the near future, having spent most of my life working in building 
construction.  (Guess, I'm just getting too old and tired to cut the mustard 
there.. ;-)  I've just started trying to learn web development with php, but 
I've done alot of reading and poking around in a few other languages, but 
nothing in a big way.

        I came upon this newsgroup after looking around on the main php 
documentation site and finding a notice there about it.  My coming here was 
brought about by me posting on a couple of  forums and waiting for days for 
an answer of any kind, if I were to get an answer at all.  I am glad to have 
found this place since the members seem to be quite knowledgable and most of 
all, willing to share that knowledge.  I'll try not to be a nuisance with 
frivolous questions and go to the docs and search engines first.  Thanks you 
all for being here and for being so willing to help.


""Daniel P. Brown"" <> wrote in message
>    Ladies and Gentlemen:
>    First of all, if you're new to the list, welcome.  At the risk of
> bragging about our collective talents, you are now a member of a
> community that is home to what may be some of the best talent in web
> development you'll find on the Internet.  I'm not speaking of myself,
> but of your peers on this list.  I could mention names, but that's
> beyond the scope of this particular request.
>     What I would like to know is how you found out about this list.
> For example, did you go out of your way to find a support channel for
> PHP?  Did you come to the source website, find out about the mailing
> list, and decide to subscribe?  Did you submit a note to the
> website requesting assistance and have your note rejected, and follow
> the instructions in the email that myself or another PHP Group member
> sent?  Were you referred here by a friend, website, or publication?
>    I would like to hear from all of you, and if you don't want your
> email address or words to be publicly archived, you're more than
> welcome to reply to me personally.  I'd like to speak particularly
> with folks who joined this list because of submitting a note to the
> site and having it rejected, but I want all opinions.  So if you've
> been here for less than 90 days or so, how did you wind up here, and
> did you have any problems in joining or complaints about the
> subscription process?
>    If you've never posted and wanted a chance to introduce yourself,
> here's your chance.  Breaking the ice and getting that first email out
> of the way may be all that's between you and immortality as the next
> great contributor to the project.  Just remember the little people
> when you reach fame and fortune.  ;-P
> -- 
> </Daniel P. Brown>
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