Hello everyone,

I am having a problem getting my prepared statements working. Here is my

    index.php -> authenticate.php -> admin.php

1)index.php has a login form on it so when someone enters their username
the form redirects to another page I call authenticate.php.

2)In the authenticate.php file I want to use prepared statements to
interact with the MySQL database. I want to compare the username submitted
from the form with the username in the database.

3)If the login username was legitimate then you are forwarded to admin.php

Its step 2 I am having problems with. Here is what I have but I don't
think it makes any sense and it doesn't work.

$link = mysqli_connect($hostname, $dbusername, $password, $database);
$stmt = mysqli_prepare($link, "SELECT * FROM administrators WHERE
mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt, 's', $username);
$result = mysqli_stmt_execute($stmt);


} else {
echo "Failure";

Any help is appreciated.

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