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I always said : Being good and Being FORCED to be good are two different things... and PHP normally don't force us to be good that why PHP is the most popular programming language with a large code base which WORKS but not as per the standard or recommended way ; so keep you old code as long as it works....

Sorry for TOP posting .... This mailing list also don't force us to be good :)

Zareef Ahmed

Yes, and unfortunately mailing list also don't force people to trim their post as well.

You know I have difficulty understanding the rudeness and lack of respect that a few people have with just following the simple rules of a mailing list. They post to this list as if they can say and do anything without it mattering. They don't care if others have to wade through their nonsense in an attempt to find the point. They don't care if their post don't help others for posterity. They even don't care that their posts are of public record displaying their rudeness and lack of professionalism for all to see, including potential employers and clients.

I don't understand such lack of respect for themselves and others.

While I have no control over what people do on this list, I do have control over what I do. So, when I encounter people who create more problems than they are worth, then I stop posting answers to their questions. I figure that if they don't get their questions answered, then they can go elsewhere, which improves the quality of this list.




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