They look very nice and usable...just the way i like 'em.

I'd be interested in seeing the source can reply directly to my
email account if you like!  are you using a graphic package like GD? or are
you using the 'poor mans bar graph' method using tables and percentage


on 7/5/01 10:15 AM, Arcady Genkin at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> While taking a university course I needed to ``squash the competition'' by
> hacking together quick bar-charts with PHP.  These are not very
> sophisticated, but I liked my approach because they generate very
> little graphics (read: fast downloads), and when you roll a mouse over
> a bar, you get numeric value for it.  Have a look at:
> Input is taken from a text file.  If anyone is interested in the
> source code, let me know and I'll release it.  The code is rather
> trivial, though.

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