Paul M Foster wrote:
On Sat, Jul 11, 2009 at 08:14:35AM -0700, PHPScriptor wrote:

Ok this may look like spam but what the hell...

I'm the owner of, I had bigg plans with this domainname
but... well yes, no time. So I'm selling it. I don't want to make profit out
of it. So for, lets say 200 dollar, you can have to domainname. And if you
want, you get the website free with it.

Why am I reminded of the Vincent D'Onofrio "Edgar"-cum-cochroach
character when I read those lines above? I found myself adopting
the cochroach accent as I read the first line. Seriously.

You don't want to make a profit, yet you're selling it for $200? Those
two statements are contradictory.

He has a lot of mouths to feed. Plus if he's been sitting on it,
the $200 might let him break even.

I've learned that much, eh?


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