Per Jessen wrote:
> pan wrote:
>> Urgh ! What do I tell them?
> How about what you started with here:
> "The information and support of php on windows is not as good."
Overcoming resistance to open source software that runs on
windows is easy. Overcoming the belief that "it's a windows world"
is more difficult.

I can show the values of php through the point of view windows offers.
Getting phbs to look at non-MS OSs is not easy. It's a matter of
one step at a time and "choose your battles".
Cost/benefit analysis is not enough. phbs do not understand or
trust non-MS OSs. They do trust results and as long as win versions
of php are available and well maintained I've got plenty to show them.

What they know is that the pecl4windows website doesn't exist anymore.
They know no new extension package has been offered.
They believe new extensions, whether beta or not, are not likely to
become available.
They know that 1st quarter 2009 was to see be
ready. They think delays == vaporware.

They also believe that there is indifference (if not outright hostility)
to php/win in the php developer community.

Personally, I could care less about further entrenchment of windows
in the business world. I'd like to see MS disappear. Unfortunately,
these issues are real.

If the point is to alienate businesses with a "who cares about windows"
attitude, then why bother with win-php at all?

If there is merit to introducing open source to current windows users,
then why make it difficult to do so?

Just looking to make life easier.
 Don't blame me for the attitudes of those who pay me.

(And, no - compiling extensions is not an option).

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