Figured I'd throw this into the intertubes so it's archived and maybe useful
for someone else, since I couldn't find a script that did this already... 

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From: Daevid Vincent [] 
Sent: Monday, July 13, 2009 4:06 PM
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Subject: RE: accidentally chown -R mysql /var/lib

Well, I just wrote a little script and ran it against the three Ubuntu boxen
I have access too, and then just ran the output against my own 'broken'

---------------------------------- 8< snip >8

error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE ^ E_WARNING); //E_WARNING because the
posix_* seems to puke on symlinks ?!

function rootscan($base='', &$data=array()) 
  $array = array_diff(scandir($base), array('.', '..'));
  foreach($array as $value)
        $bv = $base.$value;
        $owner = posix_getpwuid(fileowner($bv));
        $owner = $owner['name'];
        $group = posix_getgrgid(filegroup($bv));
        $group = $group['name'];
        if ($owner != 'root' || $group != 'root') 
                echo "chown ".$owner.':'.$group.' '.$bv."\n";
    if (is_dir($bv))
        $data[] = $bv.'/';
        $data = rootscan($bv.'/', $data);
    elseif (is_file($bv))
        $data[] = $bv;
  return $data;

---------------------------------- 8< snip >8

It produces a bunch of lines like this:

vince...@gabriel:~$ sudo ./dirfix.php
chown root:polkituser /var/lib/PolicyKit
chown root:polkituser /var/lib/PolicyKit/user-haldaemon.auths
chown polkituser:root /var/lib/PolicyKit-public
chown avahi-autoipd:avahi-autoipd /var/lib/avahi-autoipd
chown root:gdm /var/lib/gdm
chown libuuid:libuuid /var/lib/libuuid
chown polkituser:polkituser /var/lib/misc/PolicyKit.reload
chown root:mlocate /var/lib/mlocate/mlocate.db
chown mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql
chown postfix:postfix /var/lib/postfix
chown postfix:postfix /var/lib/postfix/master.lock
chown root:sambashare /var/lib/samba/usershares

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> From: Daevid Vincent [] 
> Sent: Monday, July 13, 2009 2:38 PM
> To: ''
> Subject: accidentally chown -R mysql /var/lib
> Yes, I was setting up a new Ubuntu 9.04 box for the past 
> couple days, and today when copying a 70GB database from an 
> old server to the new one, I accidentally did this (well, the 
> equiv of anyways):
> chown -R mysql:mysql /var/lib
> Instead of 
> chown -R mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql
> So I've "reverted" to:
> chown -R root:root /var/lib
> Does anyone know of a "script" or something that will fix all 
> the directories to their proper owner/group again?
> If not, I have a 9.04 box next to me that has a pristine 
> /var/lib tree (just not all the same packages that the new 
> box had). Is there some script-fu that I can run on the good 
> box that will show me all the owner/groups that are NOT 
> root:root, so I can manually adjust. Doing a random quick 
> poke at various directories, I don't see all that many, so I 
> expect the result list won't be that much.
> ...there is always the possibility of just re-installing, but 
> obviously I prefer not to do that if I don't have to and 
> waste another day re-setting stuff up (should be quicker 
> thanks to .tgz though)
> And before anyone decides to be a smart alec, no, of course I 
> hadn't done backups.  ;-) But even if I did, I don't 
> generally backup the entire system, only the core dirs like 
> /etc, /home, /var/lib/mysql, etc... 

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