Hi List,
Just wanted to pick your brains please?
I'm trying to standardise on the way I query databases and move away from
the Dreamweaver built-in functions (which I know you all hate!) ;)
I've been on this list for about 5 years now and I don't think I've ever
heard anyone mention the Pear packages, eg: MDB_QueryTool and wondered if
there was any reason why not?
I found some classes on phpclasses and have already started using one of
them by Henry Chen and there are plenty more.
I am still using Dreamweaver as the text editor for PHP on a Mac and trying
to code things manually but building SQL queries are one of the biggest
problems I come across.
To be honest, Dreamweaver used to be fine but for me, historically on both
PC and Mac, after a while it decides that it can connect to the DB but
cannot see any of the tables which prevent using the wizards which is why
I'm moving away from it.
All tutorials on the net are different and I'd like some info on the best
practices that you guys follow when dealing with MySQL.
Thanks in advance,


PS - I'm only dealing with simple queries: show, insert, update, delete,

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