From: Martin Scotta
> hahahahahaha
> How are you to delete my history?
> The fact that you "develop" a website does not allow you to take the
> control of my browser.
> But you can avoid the history to be populated by using javascript
> <a href="lalalal.html" onclick="document.location.replace(this.href)">
>      Click to lalalal
> </a>

That would prevent me from navigating the site since I won't enable
JavaScript in my browser until I have trust in your website not to allow
any installation of malware on my computer. That trust must be earned by
you, since trust is not associative. Yes, there are a lot of sites that
I can't visit because of that. Right now I won't even enable JS for
either my bank or credit card issuer since neither has demonstrated the
knowledge, desire or ability to protect their servers or my browser.

Bob McConnell

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