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> Hello,
> I've implemented a contact form on my website that would email me the
> contents of the form and also add it to the database. Its working
> perfectly but I'm not too sure about the security part. I don't know
> much about the security issues concerned with email forms and the
> measures to check it. Please help.
> Thanks,
> Tiji

[Dewey Williams]

There are a number of easy to use sanitizing scripts available for processing forms for email and database use - find and use one! Forms are notoriously easy to compromise for sending spam and corrupting web sites.

A program I have used in the past is FormMail by http://www.tectite.com. There are many other FormMail programs available by the same name - this one is well documented and easy to set up. It doesn't provide as much database security as you may want, but it does a good job of hiding email and preventing cross-site scripting attacks.

Dewey Williams

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