Currently, i am working in e:\work, and there is a folder named "image" under e:\work, 
so, the path to image is e:\work\image.

I have a script under e:\work, and i wanna display all images under the folder 
e:\work\image, I use chdir() to change the directory. but it wouldn't work. it still 
displays the images under e:\work. Why is that? Does chdir() work under win2k pro? 
here is my script


$dir_name = "e:\work";  
$dir = opendir($dir_name);
while ($file_name=readdir($dir)) {

 if (($file_name!="." && $file_name!="..")) {
  echo $file_name."\n&nbsp;&nbsp;";

  if (chdir('e:\work\image')) {
   echo "current dir is e:\work\image";
  echo "<IMG SRC=$file_name>";

Please help me to fix the problem. Thanks.

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