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On Wednesday 15 July 2009 16:21:22 tedd wrote:
> At 12:38 PM -0700 7/14/09, Miller, Terion wrote:
> >I am trying to make a page that displays a-z like a b c d e etc as links
> >then when you click open one it reloads itself and shows only the query
> >results that go with that letter...i'm not getting it....I get a page that
> >says ARRAY over and over...
> >
> >What I have so far:
> -snip-
> Why not have MySQL sort the data instead of using php?
> For example (from memory -- use with caution)
> SELECT name FROM restaurant ORDER BY name DESC LIMIT $offset, 1
> Then just change the offset to go up and down the list.
> Cheers,
> tedd
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You could do what Tedd suggested, but use MySQL to actually limit the results
it returns you by using a like clause, i.e. WHERE `somefield` LIKE 'a%'.

*ducks to avoid people throwing things at him. I know it's slow!*


Hi all thanks for all the suggestions, I really had no idea this was going to 
be so difficult..I am a bit closer..well I have the alphabet showing up now I 
just have to get it to actually pull results..LMAO
Here is my code as it is today, I have by end of day to get it to work...yikes 
the stress is unbearable, there are a million pagination scripts out there but 
I can't find any good alpha ones I can understand.
Ok what I have so far: the top part lists all the restaurant names, the bottom 
part has the alpha pagination ...neither links to the results of a 
query...yet... Bit by bit right?

                                                   $sql = "SELECT DISTINCT name 
FROM restaurants WHERE name LIKE                                                
                          '$index_letter%' GROUP BY name DESC";                 
                           $result = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error()) ;  
                                                              $count = 
                                                                   while($row = 
mysql_fetch_array($result)) {                                                   
                //prints out restaurant name with link .....                    
                                    echo "<a href=\"details.php?name=" .$name. 
"\"> $name</a>\n<br>";                                                        } 
                                                    //alphabetical pagination 
links                                                                    if 
(!isset($_GET['letter'])) {$letter = "A";} else {$letter = $_GET['letter'];}    
                                                                echo '<div 
        for ($i=65; $i<90; $i++) {                                              
                      if ($letter!= chr($i)) {echo '<a 
                            echo chr($i)."&nbsp;";                              
                                      if ($letter!= chr($i)) {echo '</a>';}     
                                                    echo "</b></div><p>";       
                                                 $query="SELECT * FROM 
restaurants WHERE name LIKE '".$letter."%'";                                    

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