Better late then never! :)

I played around with your code tonight and got this working on a test server:


$db_billing = mysql_connect($DBHOST, $DBUSER, $DBPASS) or die("Could not connect: " .mysql_error());

$db_selected = mysql_select_db($DB, $db_billing);

       if(!$db_selected) {
               die("Can't use database: " . mysql_error());

if (!$db_billing) { die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error()); }

       $sql = "SHOW TABLES";

$result = mysql_query($sql) or die("query failed: " .mysql_error());
       $resulttest = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);

       foreach($resulttest as $k => $v) { //line 62
       $ssql = "DESCRIBE ".mysql_real_escape_string($v);
       $rresult = mysql_query($ssql);
       echo "<b>".$k."</b>:<br />\n";
       echo "<pre>\n";
       echo "</pre>\n";
       echo "<br />\n";


The only big difference from what you had is that I moved the mysql_fetch_assoc($result); into a separate line rather then running it from the foreach...

Let me know if that helps.

Thanks Jason :-)

What you just offered just shows info about only the first column in the table.

I got this working to show info about all the columns in the table:

$ssql = "DESCRIBE billing_table";
$rresult = mysql_query($ssql);
echo "<hr /><pre>\n";
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($rresult)) {
        print_r($row); //line 278
echo "</pre>\n";
echo "<hr />\n";


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