Miller, Terion wrote:
> I'm almost there with my little pagination script but now I'm hung on the
> "Unexpected T_Variable" error...which in the past has been a semi-colon
> missing so I'm not sure why this is throwing it...eyes please:
>  printf('<a 
> href="view.php?name=$row['name']"><b>%s</b><br>%s</br><br></a>',$row['name']
> ,$row['address']);

The single ticks in your array() variable is causing the problem.

plus, since you are using single quotes for the entire string, the
variable isn't going to be interpreted as a variable.  It will simply
print the string $row['name']

Also, this is the wrong way to use printf().  Please go read the manual
page for this function.


        '<a href="view.php?name=%s"><b>%s</b><br />%s<br /><br /></a>',

This is the correct way to use printf()

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