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I occasionally find myself in need of a utility to do case conversion of people's names, especially when I am converting data from an old to a new system. This is the first such occasion in PHP.

I know about ucwords() and mb_convert_case(). They do not accommodate names with "middle" capitalization.

Does anybody have such a utility to share, or know of one posted by someone "out there" that you have used?

I am not looking for perfection -- I know that such is not possible. I just want to pick off the easy ones -- Mc, Mac, O', de, de la, van, vander, van der, d' and others like that. I see some novel attempts to do parts of this on the PHP ucwords() "User Notes" area, but I bet someone out there has something more comprehensive. I'd rather not "roll my own" as I have done in other languages.

I have Googled without success.

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