>> Hi, here (http://cl.php.net) we lost all documentation...
>> I'll try a re-sync manually, but nothing happenes...
>     Just a heads-up for those of you reading the newsgroup in
> real-time and emailing me directly or contacting off the PHP General
> list, do not worry: the PHP website is not going down.  To answer a
> few of the other questions that were actually asked:
>         * Do not worry, your government has not [yet] cut off access
> to the php.net website, but if you still want to download a copy of
> the manual, you are welcome to do so.

Ok... We'll wait until documentation be back...

I reviewed some mirrors (www, us) and they are all in the same situation:
no documentation (not online, not download). Except those who have not
been updated today ...

Best regards!

       José Miguel Santibáñez
A programa pirateado no se le miran las fuentes

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