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Hi all,

..sitting here thinking this is so easy, and I must have been over this already in the past.. but it is eluding me just now..

I can't figure out why files with the .html extension ARE being parsed by PHP when they are in the main doc root dir/, or in one subdirectory down from there.. BUT NOT when in *another* new subdirectory that I just created. Both subdirectories have the exact same perms (same owner & group too), both have the same php.ini file in them,... neither have an .htaccess file in them.. (if that would matter?).

Anyway I just need to get PHP tp process all .html files in this and in any new subdirectory(ies) that I will make.
Can someone point me to what I need to pay attention to?

It sounds like your .htaccess file may be telling .html files in a / sub/directory/ to treat .html files as .php

Just add this to your root .htaccess
AddType x-mapp-php5 .html

Thanks Adam. But still no luck. I did add that line to the .htaccess file in my doc root, but my file.html in subdir/ is still not being parsed by PHP.


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