On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 2:13 PM, Matt Neimeyer<m...@neimeyer.org> wrote:
> Um... It depends? :) These are customer entered queries and vary based
> on the end user and the customizations they have. It could be as
> simple as WHERE inlist(SalesPerson,"Bob","Bill","Fred") OR it could be
> something 12 lines long that pulls in criteria from multiple tables
> each of those with their own criteria.
> And by easy I meant simply that I would feel comfortable hacking
> together something to handle inlist(x,1,2,3) and change it to "X in
> (1,2,3)" it's the "rest" that worries me.
> Having slept on it, I'm probably going to write something that
> converts IN, checks for a list of "forbidden" words and then flags the
> resulting updated query if it contains any of those words. This way I
> can catch some of the low hanging fruit.
> My hope is that if X% of queries don't contain foxpro specific
> functions, and IN auto-conversions covers another X% of upgrades, and
> auto-convert FunctionX (whatever it is...) gives us another X% of
> upgrades... that this will result in a hopefully small number of saved
> queries that are flagged for manual upgrading. (And not be so painful
> in development that it still nets us saved time)
> Matt

You might even be able to convert EMPTY(X) to COALESCE(X, '') = ''.
MySQL seems to be pretty forgiving with its implicit type-casting.


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