Okay I'm back guys...not sure what happened it was working..now it's all hung 
Here are the errors:

Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result 
resource in 
 on line 464

Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result 
resource in 
 on line 488

Here is the full code snippet:

                                                      // Check if page is set 
to show all                                    if(isset($_GET['show']) && 
$_GET['show'] == 'all')                                    {                    
                                                    // Check if there was an 
empty search sent                                    
if(isset($_SESSION['noVarsSent']))                                    {         
                             echo "<p><b>No values were submitted for the 
search.</b></p>";                                      // Unset it so a reload 
of page doesn't redisplay the error                                      
unset($_SESSION['noVarsSent']);                                      // 
unset($_SESSION['results']);                                    }               
             // Check if full list of restaurants has been created and stored 
yet                                    // Store full results in $_SESSION to 
limit database hits                                    
{                                      // List not grabbed yet, so run query 
and store in $_SESSION                                                          
                //check for range                                    if 
(!(isset($rangenum)))                                      {                    
                  $rangenum = 1;                                      }         
                             // Grab all restaurants in alphabetical order      
                                $sql = "SELECT ID, name, address, inDate, 
inType, notes, critical, cviolations, noncritical FROM restaurants, inspections 
WHERE restaurants.name != '' AND restaurants.ID = inspections.ID ORDER BY 
name;";                                      $result = mysql_query($sql);       
                                                                 //trying to 
grab it by ranges from the db?                                     $rows = 
mysql_num_rows($sql);                                      $page_rows = 100;    
                                  $last_row = ceil($rows/$page_rows);           
                                                                 if ($rangenum 
< 1)                                    {                                      
$rangenum = 1;                                      }                           
           elseif ($rangenum > $last_row)                                      
{                                      $rangenum = $last_row;                   
                //This sets the range to display in our query                   
                   $max = 'limit ' .($rangenum - 1) * $page_rows .',' 
    // Process all results into $_SESSION array                                 
                                           $position = 1;                       
                                                     while ($row = 
mysql_fetch_array($result))                                      {              
                        $_SESSION['fullRestaurantList'][$position] = $row;      
$_SESSION['totalNumberOfRestaurants'] = $position;                              

It's like 15min til 4pm here in Missouri and I am so out the door at 4..because 
this has been one long frustrating day..and this girl needs a beer.....or two.
Talk to you all tomorrow!

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