Thanks a lot Tony. Unfortunately for me, I'm seeing myself in no conditions
for properly learning a framework. I want to learn PHP and a framework bring
so many concepts at once, that I found extremely complex and time consuming
do dig in, at once, right now. Since I have no more than a few months on
PHP, I really need to keep it, as simple as possible, even if not perfectly
structured, but, the understanding of all the steps involved should be

Thanks a lot for your help, and sorry for, in some way, having wasting your
time on this. 

> Adding a JOIN to the SQL statement which is generated by the framework
> is
> very easy, as shown in my FAQ at
> You
> have
> two choices where you can place the code:
> (1) In the component script.
> (2) In the table class, as shown in
> --
> Tony Marston
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