2009/7/23 Sándor Tamás (HostWare Kft.) <sandorta...@hostware.hu>

> Hi,
> It isn't really a programming question, but rather a structural.
> Let's suppose I have a PHP page, which is built by other PHP files'
> includes.
> Which is the better approach:
>  in a switch-like statement I include the required PHP files, which contain
> all the functions, and the HTML code to provide the functionality, or
>  create a base PHP file which contains all the funcionality, and the PHP
> files only contain calls for these functions, and the HTML code?
> I think the previous method gives more control and it is more repairable,
> but the later method gives more modularity. With your experiences, what
> method gives the better overall usability?
> Thanks,
> SanTa

As far as i experienced, the second method brings problems about the

If you do put classes and functions directly in that "base PHP file", it
will looks fat , and you need a lot of copy/pastes.

If you just put a lot of "requires" in that "base PHP file", you may pay
attention about the PATH. Usage of "__FILE__" or "__autoload" may bring

Hoping for the coming of the concept of PACKAGE. Seems that NAMESPACE will
be introduced in PHP6.


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