Well if the server your running on is linux based (and I haven't tried this) you could try adding a nohup and background the task for example rather than doing:



system('nohup updatedb &');

It should background the task and let it continue running even when the php script finishes it's execution. Like I said I haven't tested it. As a side note I used 'updatedb' in the example because it was the longest running task I could think of off the top of my head and requires root priveledges... You really shouldn't run your scripts as root. *A public server announcement*

Alberto García Gómez wrote:

I'm experimenting problems with a call that I made to exec or system. The 
problem is that the script await for the function finish and that take's a lot 
of time.

I need a way to use those functions in order to continue without await for it.

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