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Miller, Terion wrote:
Thanks for the link Kyle!! Great thing there...(seriously I didn't know...I 
learn something everyday)

Anyways the link to my script is:
Your email client is annoying, it doesn't quote.  Haha.

Anyway, so, you're loading up that array with arrays of arrays, here:

     $position = 1;
     while ($row = mysql_fetch_array
           $_SESSION['fullRestaurantList'][$position] = $row;
       $_SESSION['totalNumberOfRestaurants'] = $position;

So, if you get 7 rows.  Your array will have:

Array => (Row 1 Data)
Array => (Row 2 Data)

.. etc

You do not have ['fullRestaurantList']['ID']. In the page you're referencing you use something like $_SESSION['fullRestaurantList'][$i]['SomeValue']. I assume $i is the "Position" in the array, so you likely want to use $_SESSION['fullRestaurantList'][$i]['ID'] to get the ID field from that row.

If you need a quick dump to better understand what data you have in your session, try making a page called session_dump.php in the same directory with this source:

<pre><? print_r($_SESSION) ?></pre>

That will give you a good idea of what your session array looks like, and you should see clearly that ['fullRestaurantList']['ID'] does not exist.

Hope this helps!

- Kyle

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