On 07-Jul-01 Chris Lambert - WhiteCrown Networks wrote:
> I've used integer on many occasions with auto_increment, and have had no
> problems. mysql_insert_id() returns the unique identifyer of the last record
> inserted with mysql_query(). I'm not sure what "MySQL function" you're
> referencing as an alternative, but you should be fine with an
> integer/auto_increment/insert_id()...

PHP int values are signed integers, so when the database id > 2147483647
mysql_insert_id() will return negative values.

On 32bit compile:
INT          = ok
INT UNSIGNED   will break at 50% of the domain (of valid id's)
BIGINT                       ~2% 
BIGINT UNSIGNED              ~1%

I don't know if you can compile PHP for 64bit ... if you can then 
the first three should be fine.

And you can always use mysql_query("select LAST_INSERT_ID()");
then treat the result as a string (which it is).

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