On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 4:51 PM, Robert Cummings<rob...@interjinn.com> wrote:
> Andrew Ballard wrote:
>> I'm trying to profile a site on our development server to see why it
>> takes around 4 seconds to generate a pretty basic page. I installed
>> xdebug to use for the profiling, and now I'm really confused. Even
>> though it takes around 4 seconds to build the entire page, the profile
>> says that the total processing time is around 416ms. I thought it
>> might be calls to require_once/include/include_once. While they are
>> significant (around 46%), it says they only account for 193ms. What
>> could account for that much difference between what xdebug calculates
>> versus the total elapsed time?
>> Andrew
> Any embedded remote elements in it like that punk Google analytics which I
> often see lagging my page requests on various sites?
> Cheers,
> Rob.

Nope. Basically it connects to a database to load an ACL (which at
this point is empty, so even that isn't doing much work) and spits out
"Hello World". I timed the page top-to-bottom using microtime to make
sure it wasn't network latency, and the elapsed time it calculated is
very close to the time I see displayed by the YSlow browser extension
(around 4 sec.). The server uses eAccelerator with both caching and
optimization enabled.

This is another one of those ZendFramework sites I'm setting up. (Last
time, I brought the execution time down considerably by moving the
framework from a network drive to a local drive, but that's already in
place this time.)

A simple <?php phpinfo() ?> page executes very quickly (about
0.01seconds timed w/microtime, under a half second recorded in YSlow),
so I can't see that this could be held up any by IIS (yes, it's a
Windows server).

Even if the page is getting bogged down in calls to
include(_once)/require(_once), shouldn't that time still be reflected
in the profile calculation?

I thought xdebug was supposed to be a pretty good profiler. If it
calculating the time correctly, where are the other ~3.6 seconds


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