Caner BULUT wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> You can use Eclipse with plugin PDT or Zend Studio. They can track your
> classes and methods. They can remember your methods and classes also they
> have code completion abilities.
> Thanks
> Caner.
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> Subject: [PHP] OOP Design Software
> Hello,
> Is there an objected oriented programming software that can help me keep
> track of my methods and properties of my objects.  My memory is not what
> it used to be, and i'd like to have a quick 'overview' or layout of all
> the objects I have to work with.  Maybe the software would even let make
> a process flow chart.  This would really help my design (and save me time).
> Thanks,
> dK
> `
Wow.  Thanks for the reference.  I've been playing with EclipsePDT for
about 30-45 minutes.  I've been developing strictly off of a text editor
(with some syntax coloring but that's it).  This Eclipse project looks
so big.  There'll be a bit of a learning curve with the EclipsePDT but
seeing that it was developed in part by Zend and also that
uses it, i can rest assured that my time learning/implementing eclipse
will save me a great deal of time in the long haul.  I am glad to see it
has integration with xdebug and CVS.  I'll have to postpone my weekend
coding goals to learn Eclipse and see how to integrate it into my
development process.  Thanks for the recommendation (and quick too).

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